Dhyana Yoga (meditation) for soul awakening.

A human lifestyle is a valuable present of God. This present has been given to us to meet divine goals.  But it's far our ill-destiny that we've forgotten our divine nature, God’s present, and the intention/ significance of human lifestyles. Neither can we understand our divine ability, nor the Lord’s intention, expertise, or meditation? We are straying a long way away in this dark, gloomy world.

A human lifestyle is a valuable present of God. The Lord does now no longer have an extra present than this to provide his liked creatures. Its specialties and potentials are so terrific that its consequences can best amaze us. This present has been given to us to meet divine goals.  But it's far our ill-destiny that we've forgotten our divine nature, God’s present, and the intention/ significance of human lifestyles. Neither can we understand our divine ability, nor the Lord’s intention, expertise, or meditation? We are straying a long way away in this dark, gloomy world.  This forgetfulness is unusual.  People commonly neglect about gadgets and additionally what they have got read, heard, and many others. A character whom we had recognized withinside the beyond is now a stranger to us, considering that we've forgotten him. But it's far uncommon to discover someone who forgets himself.  We suppose ourselves to be a frame with call and shape. We preference what our thoughts desires, we appearance upon the frame’s wishes as our personal need. The frame and thoughts are the two wheels of the chariot of our lifestyles. But we've completely forgotten that we're the soul and now no longer the frame.  No doubt we listen again and again that the frame isn't the same as the soul.  But it's far very uncommon that a person clearly studies this reality. And although we revel in it, it's far in a completely hazy manner.  If we recognize the actual fact and the distinction among the lifestyles-pressure and peripherals that manifests in our consciousness, we can supply top significance to soul well-being.  We could supply best that plenty of significance to fabric gadgets as is required.  Today we're strolling with toes without footwear and enhance our motors with frills of gold. We are loss of life of starvation and supply clarified butter to vehicles. “We” method the soul and car method frame or thoughts.  The Lord is serving his servants. It is certainly unusual that he has forgotten his responsibility.


The intention of lifestyles is to achieve self-fulfillment. This self-fulfilled country can best be at the extent of divinity. In order to achieve God, the thoughts need to get focused on him.  Before building crucial homes, their maps, plans, and fashions are designed.  An engineer, architect, and many others. will construct homes primarily based totally on those fashions.  A photograph of God together along with his traits, sports, and nature is achieved for the motive of meditation. As an end result, one studies nearness, oneness, and experience of merging of God.  This is the actual nature of meditation.

The intention of actual meditation is to regain our misplaced reminiscence concerning our actual nature.  If a person occurs to regain it, it's far truly comparable to a person popping out of a completely horrifying dream. It is best then that one studies a situation comparable to an infant being misplaced in a huge crowd or like that of a person who has misplaced the reminiscence of his identity.  Those present process such anguish, revel in a wonderful loss and that they harm their close to and expensive ones. Since we've misplaced our reminiscence (that we're the powerful soul and now no longer the frame), our situation is as demeaning as a child lion being introduced up in an own circle of relatives of goats.  As an end result, we're giving ache to our actual nature, that is divinity.

The intention of Yoga of meditation is to conquer lack of reminiscence i.e. to evoke to the reality that we're the soul and now no longer the frame. In that one recollects God and one studies one’s soul nature.  The reminiscence of the union of a residing being (Jiva) and God (Brahman) is re-activated and one studies, that this very Divine Power touch becomes damaged via way of means of us, is in fact our Divine Mother and Benefactor.  Not best this however just like the proverbial wish-gratifying cow (Kamadhenu), it's so effective that via way of means of ingesting its nectarine milk, we achieve divinity. By sitting withinside the coloration of a wish-gratifying tree (Kalpavriksha) possibly achieve whatever. After contacting, coming near that Divine Centre, one does now no longer lack whatever and as a result, we will triumph over all sorts of poverty.  Thus Yoga of Meditation enables us to achieve this intention.


It isn't always something wonderful to achieve Divine Powers. It needs to be included from any sort of wastage and need to in no way be misused. The advantages of reaching Divine Powers are encountered whilst they're amassed in a secure area and that they're applied best for sacred tasks.

As an end result of warmness, a variety of water of the oceans receives transformed into steam.  So plenty of steams rise into the environment from cooking gas, hearthplace, and many others. All this is going to waste.  But in an engine, a bit little bit of water is transformed into steam. This steam isn't always allowed to stray withinside the environment and is in reality amassed in a tank. Later its electricity float passes out of a small hollow and reaches the piston. As an end result of this small process, the engine of education begins off evolved functioning. Not best does it pass however it runs at a wonderful pace. Its motion is so effective that it tugs along with it many different compartments at an excessive pace.

If heaps of gun powder are unfolded out at the floor and lit with a match-stick, it'll display a bit mild for a flash of a second after which get burnt to ashes.  This is a complete wastage and is of little need to us. But if it's far enclosed in a small place of a gun and via way of means of urgent the cause a bit, sparks of hearthplace contact the gunpowder, this infinitesimal gunpowder offers splendid consequences. The bullet runs at an enormous pace to its target.  Wherever it lands, it topples that object. One can as a result genuinely observe the distinction among simply lighting fixtures up heaps of gunpowder with a matchstick and on the alternative hand, lighting fixtures up a minute quantity of gun powder in a gun.

The rays of solar mild are scattered everywhere on the earth.  Daily the solar rises after which units withinside the evening.  This daylight can supply best a bit of warmness and mild to us. But if some sun rays are focused on paper the usage of a unique lens, the paper begins off evolved burning. If it's far thrown in a large jungle, a wooded area hearthplace ensues which destroys that complete place to ashes.

During Draupadi’s Swayamvar (deciding on your personal groom), the situation for buying married to her become that the possible bridegroom needs to pierce the attention of a fowl positioned at a distance with an arrow. Dronacharya becomes assisting his college students to grasp this artwork. Before his college students aimed an arrow, Dronacharya could ask them as to what they have been seeing.  On a mean, the scholars could say which are seeing a fowl at the tree. As an end result, Dronacharya could claim that such college students could in no way succeed.  When it becomes Arjun’s flip, he spoke back that I can best see the fowl’s eye and not anything else. Thus Dronacharya declared that Arjun could truly succeed.  Truly on the Swayamvara rite of Draupadi, Arjun pierced the attention of the fowl with one unmarried arrow and as a result, were given married to Draupadi.

It is stated that a flying creature known as a humming bee catches the preserve of a caterpillar and keeps to buzz in the front of it. As an end result of constantly listening to the excitement of the bee and visualizing the bee’s shape, the intellectual country of the caterpillar turns into that of a bee.  The caterpillar begins offevolved questioning itself to be a humming bee.  As an end result, the frame of the caterpillar takes the form of a humming bee as opposed to a grown up butterfly.  Zoologists may also doubt this however it's far an exact reality that each time guy concentrates/ focuses his thoughts on a specific call and shape, his thoughts too take up the call, shape, and traits of that object. As an end result of focusing her thoughts on splendor and youth, a prostitute regains her splendor to a wonderful quantity at a complicated age too.  On the alternative hand, many younger males and females appearance elderly due to the fact their minds are all of the time taking into consideration hardships and dire circumstances. All this is the end result of focusing one’s thoughts on a specific proper/ horrific concept.  This can be intentional or unintentional.

Spiritual attention method to forestall the thoughts from straying far from its middle and that when focusing one’s Divine Powers at one primary focal factor, one needs to make use of the equal for sacred endeavors best.  This is known as manage of thoughts or focusing on the psyche in religious texts. A lot of debate takes area concerning the Yoga of Meditation.  It needs to be surmised as an artwork of concentrating one’s thoughts.  When we listen approximately it, its achievement appears mediocre, however, in fact, it's far a wonderful achievement.  When one masters this artwork, guy via way of means of focusing his scattered aware electricity in a single area, makes use of it for a few sacred motives and as a result attains splendid achievement.

Water is crammed in dams. But whilst it's far ejected from a small opening, a flow of it flows at wreck neck pace due to water stress generated via way of means of the dam. This float has terrific electricity. Its impact aids the motion of wheels of many machines and as an end result, those machines begin shifting.  The creation of large electric powered powerhouses takes area close to big dams.  It could be very pricey to generate power the usage of engines and machines however hydroelectricity is affordably operated close to dams.  Near smaller waterfalls, you've got water mills.  The resultant electricity isn't always because of the flow of water however it's far because of its attention. By focusing on a good-sized place in a smaller place, you generate energy.

The goal of Yoga of Meditation is to pay attention to intellectual concept scattering in a single small place of concept.  The extra a character succeeds in concentrating his thoughts, the extra his psyche will radiate with energy.  Like an arrow of words, it is straightforward for him to achieve his intention.  If spirituality is his goal, he'll improve spiritually and his psyche will radiate with Ridhi-Sidhi or what is known as Divine Powers.  If the goal is fabric progress, we can achieve this intention too.  In whichever suitable path this electricity is used, it'll acquire proper dividends.

Concentration/ focusing method overcoming the wasteful scattering of the concept waves of our thoughts.  By obstructing the water float of small flow, a dam is created and as a result a small pond, the lake is created.  Then synthetic streams are constructed from this lake which offers water to a long way off arid regions.  If this flow has been now no longer transformed right into a dam, it might have lashed on the sea shorelines and brought about wasteful flooding in surrounding regions.  This could result in fabric destruction in that area. One needs to now no longer appear upon the concept float in our thoughts as much less crucial whilst in comparison to a hydroelectricity generator. The energy of a power powerhouse is confined and may transmit power to a completely confined area in its vicinity.  But this can not be stated approximately the thoughts.  Its ability of nowadays may be augmented countless fold withinside the destiny.  Its place of the impact that is nowadays confined to the own circle of relatives and buddies will in destiny embody the complete world.

Generally, humans of wonderful authority like scientists, philosophers, artists, scholars, sculptors, authors, managers, leaders, and many others are like normal laymen. Their frame could be very normal and their minds lack a paranormal wand. Whatever distinction one perceives in them along with the miracle in their greatness, is an end result in their internal unique traits which in flip are associated with the focusing ability in their thoughts and their steadfastness in attaining the favored intention. Everybody possesses a countless quantity of highbrow electricity.  To the quantity that vulnerable brained people to have a variety of radiance.  The distinction best is that that a few have activated this radiance and the relaxation has now no longer accomplished so.  Even a completely smart character is sort of a lifeless corpse whilst he's in deep sleep.  But on waking up, he manifests his highbrow brilliance.  This holds actual for the mind too.  Due to positive circumstances, the highbrow powers of a few humans stay latent and as a result appearance vulnerable intellectually. But if their mind is activated with effort, now no longer best will they be as extraordinary as different smart humans however on occasion they'll march beforehand of them too.

Everyone is aware of that many threads unite collectively to shape a robust rope and plenty of broomsticks be part of collectively to shape a broom.  Many drops of water represent a jugful of water.  This instance is given to just accept the reality that via way of means of obstructing the wayward scattering of the mind, possible focus/ listen to one’s concept waves at a focal factor.  One can without difficulty recognize that wayward scattering of mind in diverse instructions diminishes our intellectual prowess and that if those minds are focused on one unmarried factor, it'll supply us impressive intellectual strength.

By advancing intellectual attention, wonderful scientists, Yogis, philosophers, and many others. input the deep ocean known as the thoughts and as a result, acquire valuable jewels.  Those who simply go with the flow at the floor of the sea, achieve not anything however individuals who dive deep into it, achieve valuable materials. Superficial questioning is sort of a wayward blade of grass shifting aimlessly right here and there.  On the alternative hand focusing one’s concept waves at an unmarried factor withinside the psyche through meditation offers impressive consequences.