#45 - Hidden Self | Transformation in Healing the Hidden Self

Ways for the transformation of your inner self

Self-awareness, self-disclosure, and self-acceptance together contribute to the event of the hidden inner self that lies within all folks. These help in carrying on the relationships in life and broaden the horizon of a person's being to know the situations and problems of life in a better way. 

Self-awareness refers to the understanding of our inner-self. this is often also intricately linked with the concept of self-consciousness. this suggests analyzing one's own personality and recognizing its identity. It enables a private to understand his strengths and weaknesses and work thereon to enhance his inner self. this is often what guides his perspective and action of lifestyle. 

Self-will is another factor that helps a private an excellent deal within the improvement of his self. Only robust willpower objectively analyzes oneself and furthermore making an attempt to cause a change in one's personality can help in self-will. Knowing the ways of self-healing won't be of any aid if a private doesn't have the desire to stay to his goals in achieving success and development in life. 

Though acceptance of one's own mistake isn't a simple task, once it's recognized it can cause an excellent transformation. After this self-acceptance, a private will honestly make an attempt to not repeat his mistake, which can make him a far better person. 

Open-self, hidden-self, blind-self, and unknown-self adds up to assist in self-disclosure of a person's being which further aids in forging a reference to the upper inner-self. 

Open-self may be a part of one's self that we are aware of and this is often how we present ourselves to others. On the opposite hand, the hidden self is another division of our self that we are unaware of, but it's something that's known to others. Last but not the smallest amount, is that the unknown self. this is often the foremost mysterious fraction of our inner self, as this is often not known to either the individual himself or to others. However, the composition of those elements may differ from one individual to a different. However, the more is that the composition of open self, the more we are moving on the brink of self-disclosure. 

This is because it's a bent of man to reveal only his positive self to people and sometimes hide the negativities in his personality. Therefore, if an individual will have more of his open self then, this is able to mean that he has less to cover. In other words, he has fewer negative characteristics that he should hide from the planet. Self-disclosure will thus encourage communication with people and expressing ourselves to others. 

Self-disclosure also can be risky sometimes, because the people might cash in on an individual who is threatened by rejection or judgment, some can also misinterpret talking positively about oneself as being proud as an individual. However, this doesn't matter that very much like the more an individual will have his open self, the higher conversationalist he's likely to be. 

Thus, of these ways helps a person's being in recognizing and healing his true self. This healing will thereby make a private a confident person in himself. He won't be shy to speak to people, as he has nothing to cover. An independent mindset will provide a flight to his creativity by enhancing his imagination. Self-healing will motivate an individual to offer up the negative thoughts in his mind like frustration and envy. Instead, he is going to be more concerned with serving humankind. He is going to be ready to overcome his mental and emotional distress and ensure his strength of character.