#27 - Hidden Self | Navigating in Healing the Hidden Self

We have three layers of the psyche as characterized by the minister Dr. Freud, a study of the mind expert and people layers consistent with Freud structure our cognizant (Conscious mind), subconscious (Subliminal Mind), and therefore the cataleptic mind, or unconscious. 

The unconscious is usually oblivious. While the mind is cataleptic, or comatose it continues to figure mechanically. we all know this mind is at work, because involuntary actions or responses occur, which comes from instinctive feelings flowing from the unconscious. this is often why unwittingly we do things sometimes that always we fail to seek out evidence. Our reflexes cause us to react. Our ID is buried during this area of the mind, which is additionally where our ego, self, and psyche resides. 

The consciousness mind may be a major necessity, which stores our tools to perceive, notice, realize, and become conscious of our surroundings. If this area of the mind is interrupted, it becomes confused and disables us from achieving the goals we set. 

In interrelated terms, self-healing involves learning to like oneself by loving oneself; one can learn to like others also. the matter we face is that negative thoughts or pessimism thinking creep in often, hampering the self from seeing through imbalances and its cause that hinders one from achieving his goals. 

Before and through these actions, we must navigate through our desires to take care of balance and keep negative thoughts in restraint. 

When we think negatively, it robs us of our energy and livelihood, which affects the self. It spoils us of useful habits that we will use to develop the hidden self. 

The course of action in self-healing is particularly of great magnitude so as for one to abandon negative thoughts.

Pessimistic thinking often leaves the person barren of energy or of oomph. If one's conscious mind is healthy and freed of hysteria or worries, one can live happy and healthy. 

Lack of enthusiasm develops into un constructiveness, which the person will find him or her self, disapproving his/her actions, thus doubting self et al. 

Negativity may be a source of evil we all must avoid. so as to beat negative patterns of thinking one must consider the source. for instance, resentment or suspicion may be a source of negative thinking which will cause emotional disturbances. By meditating daily, you'll overcome these negative patterns. 

Meditation can help anyone minimize the wear and tear and tear that evolves from pessimistic thinking. Pessimistic thinking puts a hamper on prosperity. 

We can exercise power and self-restraint through the route of meditation also. this is often because meditation is therapeutic procedures that inspire the unconscious to reveal answers to our questions. additionally, meditation will assist us with self-development and help us to realize energy. Meditation acts as a stimulant for the body and mind.

We can also enjoy aromatherapy. Aromatherapy techniques assist with self-healing the self. The natural scents from aromatherapy and therefore the massage aids help the spirits of a private by revitalizing the soul and mind. 

Down through the centuries, acupuncture was used also to encourage self-healing. Acupuncture may be a natural treatment with needles. The methods of self-healing originated in China. Chinese people proved that acupuncture could assist with treating disorders or the mind and body. Acupuncture proved to assist with the healing of the self. this is often because the flow of energy is circulating freely upon the use of acupuncture, in which all the negative energy is liberated from the body. 

The procedures of self-healing become earlier if an individual understands all his embryonic or underlying potentials and intrinsic weaknesses. Once this person understands these traits of his being, only then can the individual work on strengthening the self by curtailing his weaknesses. Still, he must navigate through his desires to abandon negative wishes or yearnings that hold him back.