#22 - Hidden Self | Listen in Healing Hidden Self

Listen to your inner call

What does one want from life, a big house, cars, money, fame, and love? you've got of these things in your life then also you're not happy. have you ever ever considered yourself in a true sense? don't ask this question from others but ask your inner self. you'll realize why you're missing that real joy of life.

Everybody has a different view of their life but there are some people that live in dilemma. As they are doing not know what's their philosophy of life. Before understanding the life philosophy one should study themselves. Then just one can understand the important worth of life. it's vital to get what we would like from our life and to listen to the decision of our conscious.

The only thanks to studying our self is self-realization. You don't need anything or anybody to look the self inside you. Be your teacher and guide yourself truth path of life. hear the music of your heart and inner self. this manner you'll get the important aiming of your life. Discovering yourself is that the most precious gift one can give to himself. In this manner, we understand the aim of our lives. 

One shouldn't waste his time in fulfilling others' dreams but their aim should be understanding their own worth. Realize your talent and skill and check out to utilize it to the fullest. Magic will never happen but one can make wonders to his life by his own efforts.

Life is all about moving and showing your dreams into reality. But we've made our life as hell because we are just dragging not living it. to satisfy all our dreams we'd like the right guidance which guidance is to tend by us only. 

The way you nourish your body during the same way you would like to nourish your inner conscience. the simplest medicine one can give to himself is positive thinking. it's alright said that good thinking means happy living. to try to do any sort of work we'd like the proper attitude. From preparing for little exams to be an enormous enterprise one got to have positive thinking. Encourage yourself that you simply can roll in the hay never lose hope. If you win, it's great but if you lose then don't lose heart. Negative thinking is your worst enemy. to realize success one needs 70% of the right approach and confidence and 30% of skill. So change your approach towards life. 

If one wants to concentrate on the decision of the inner self then he must understand his feelings. The mind of a person is free and it can think in any direction. Self-discovery won't only help in improving our emotional level but also help us to form our self physically strong.

Our soul, mind, and our body work together. So it's vital to take care of the balance in them. hear motivation audiotapes, and skim good quality books. Also, develop healthy relationships. Strengthen yourself, and communicate with others. Engage your self in imaginative work, motivate your self, and be more calm and patient. attempt to make your life more creative, make correct stability between professional and private life, choose parties and outing with friends, be more open and expressive with parents, write on your feelings (express your life's journey), practice yoga, help others, make your life more controlled, distinguish between ideals, wants and requirements.

So take a while for you and heal your hidden self. Healing yourself is the best remedy to enhance your life. you'll become strong in thoughts that even impossible seems possible to you.